FOLLOW YOUR HEART ACTION NETWORK is about people helping people based on the principles of diversity, recovery and community.

Vision Statement:
In our travels across this country, we have seen some of the poorest-of-the-poor in the United States pocket option philippines. We want to make a difference by inspiring 2 percent of the American people who care and want to share food, clothes and building material, and who will help out with funds to support this direct service of delivering these goods directly to the people who need them.
We believe it's time for us to focus on the people here in our own country. If we can enroll 2 percent of the American people, we believe it would make a difference in the world.
Our goal is to go to these designated areas pocketoption, have sacred circles to discuss community concerns, provide goods and services, and assist with reconstruction efforts.
We will then carry this message everywhere we have an opportunity to speak.
There will be a day when communities and towns around the country will have a Follow Your Heart Action Network of their own. It will truly be a grassroots effort to help neighbors in need.
Our long-term vision is that Follow Your Heart Action Networks from all over the USA will come together in a designated place once a year to share stories pocket option , learn from each other, celebrate their accomplishments and return to their homes motivated to continue and even expand the service to their communities.
It CAN be done. It WILL be done!

Volunteers Needed If your care, share

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