Your Heart Action Network Shows Compassion to Farm Workers in Watsonville, California

Curtis explains: I was collecting donated items and I had so much abundance. I wondered, “What can I do with the excess?” I was on Highway 129, on my way to Santa Cruz, when I spotted the migrant workers. I decided to pull over on a dirt road, playing my loud inspiring music, and one guy approached me speaking Spanish. I didn’t know what he was saying. I got out of my truck and began showing him furniture, dishes and kid’s clothes. The way we communicated was through smiles and warm gestures of kindness. I immediately gave everything off my truck and trailer to the rest of the people as they approached me. One lady did speak to me in English and told me where their camp was located, near the fairgrounds. She suggested that I go there on Saturday morning when people would be there, to give away more donations.
When Saturday came, I pulled up into the camp. There were all these little, run-down shacks, with bed sheets over the windows. It looked like one family per unit lived there. I saw broken down cars, falling over fences, and all these kids, about 30 of them, roaming around. They had on hand-me-down clothes. People gradually came out and observed my truck. The first people didn’t speak English and they were wondering what I was doing. Again, we communicated through eye contact and warm, caring gestures. Then the lady who invited me there spotted me, and that’s when we started unloading clothes, toys, dishes, and furniture from the truck and trailer.
The people had so much gratitude. They offered me food, baked goods, hugging on me like they knew me for a long time. Even the men shook my hand with a strong grip. I took a wish list and continued taking more donated items over there until the owner of the camp stopped me. He complained about the dumpster being full all the time because the workers were throwing out their old stuff. Follow
My compassion goes out to these migrant workers. Someone recommended that I go to the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen in Watsonville. I still continue to deliver donated items there.
People talk about grass roots. I am totally living this concept with the help of God. I think about where I come from and the life I used to live down in Louisiana on the plantation, and I am not looking back. I live one day at a time and through prayer and meditation, listen for the constructive and compassionate thoughts that come up. I’m going to keep doing the right thing by helping people. This is the way I want to live but I can’t do it alone. Join me on a journey of kindness. Help me help others!









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