FOLLOW YOUR HEART has delivered 37 truck and trailer loads of goods to Louisiana. Traveling across the United States nineteen times, we saw slums, Indian reservations, ghettos, people young and old who need help. To see our government spending money on war and weapons and not helping these people gave us the momentum to do something to help our country. For this reason, we founded Follow Your Heart Action Network.

Since 2005, as the principle founder of Follow Your Heart, I, Curtis Reliford, have dedicated my life looking for people who are in need and not receiving proper help. What I have discovered is that if you don’t have a proper education or the right appearance or the drive to not give up, you will turn to self destruction. This is what I have witnessed on my trips.

In 2007, Follow Your Heart Action Network received 501c3 status. Now we have made a stand in Santa Cruz, Watsonville CA and the surrounding Bay Area, building our headquarters in this community. We collect and distribute donated and purchased items to migrant workers in the fields, low income apartment complexes, recovery centers and soup kitchens. Follow Your Heart brings hope in the form of labor, inspiration and goods. It is a network of caring individual banded together to provide grassroots community service.

Our vision is to spread this journey of kindness throughout the United States. We have all ready witnessed peoples’ lives changing because of our work, our positive messages, our caring and sharing services.

The lives the volunteers are transformed as well by their reaching out.









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