Hopi and Navajo Trips

Is there anybody out there who wants to join me in a journey of kindness? Here’s how faith shows up for me. I was on my 19th and last trip to New Orleans, and I was wondering where I else I could expand to…I stopped in Winslow, AZ for gas, sitting on the curb eating a turkey sandwich, minding my own business. Two little boys, 8 and 10 years old, asked me for spare change. I looked at their shoes and said to myself, “I got a case of shoes on that truck. Let me see if they fit these kids.” The shoes fit them like gloves. Next thing I know, here come their dad, asking me, “Where’d they get these shoes from?” He thought they had taken them. I immediately told him, “No, sir, they didn’t take ‘em. I gave them to them.” To make a long story short, I told him what I was doing and asked him did he need anything? He asked me for some jeans and I got so excited in 129 degrees weather. Climbed up on the back of my truck looking for the jeans, when the store owner ran us off the property at the gas station.

So I followed them home. It started looking like the painted desert. Big, giant beautiful rocks. I’m getting excited again, asking him, “Man, where am I?” and he said, “This is the Navajo village.” I said, “Oh man, I always wanted to see what it looked like on the reservation! Show me around.” The first place we went to was a 95 year old lady’s house. It looked like a historical rock house from centuries ago. I walked in and saw dirt floors, water coming through the roof like faucets. She needed windows, mold removed, foundation repair, and I screamed out, “I could fix that!” After getting started on the job, I winded up giving away everything I was taking to New Orleans.

In the middle of this work is when I felt a Spirit move over me. I call it God. I don’t care what nobody say. There’s a power greater than anybody and anything on this Earth and I’m staying with that power. And I reach it through praying. This is how I got involved going on the reservations. When I went back, I got lost on the Hopi reservation and saw a need there, also. I fell in love with their spiritual teachings and decided to get a wish list together and help them. I’ve been over there 7 times since 2012, giving away food, clothes and building materials to the people on the first, second and third mesas. I have one more trip planned to the Hopi, and then it’s where ever Spirit leads me to next. This is what one guy can do. How about joining me on a convoy party? Click here to volunteer.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. I know it sound country, but I just want to keep it real.










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